Time travel at the old citadel

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We take the U-bahn to Spandau to go and visit the old citadel in the city. We didn’t realize this would involve a bit of time travel. We got to the old citadel in Spandau and wanted to go and get out tickets to enter. But we didn’t even make it to the official ticket counter before we had to buy a ticket. Apparently the citadel is transformed from a museum in to a medieval fair every year for Easter time.

I guess the fair is mainly target at children but there is actually something of interest to people visiting without kids. In the courtyard is a lot of entertainment all day and around the area are a circled by a lot of different stalls where a lot of people dressed in old costumes. Many of the stalls sell different kind of traditional food. I think the food is similar to what you can find at Christmas markets during the winter time. So we decide this will be the destination for lunch today.

Different drinks for sale

There is different entertainment like traditional music – which might be a bit modernized at times with electricity. And people juggling. There are also different rides for the kids which are power sole by human power with adults pulling the kids on the merry go round and the small ferries wheel. The highlight of the entertainment is a knight’s tournament where four knights are fighting for the glory.

The tournament has a commentator in German only – but I guess most people will understand most of the action without the commentary. The main story line was the commentator who also was the judge of the tournament was corrupt. He took a bribe from one of the participants in the tournament and gave him higher mark – but the princess who also participated complained and in the end her favorite knight won the tournament.

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