Oranienburg Castle

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North of Berlin at the end of the S-bahn line you find the small suburb of Oranienburg. In the city there is an old Castle called Schloss Oranienburg. The castle is considered one of the most magnificent Prussian castles anywhere.

The castle was built in 1655 as a country estate for Louise Henriette. The castle was later remodeled and increased by Frederick I. the castle was badly damaged during World War II but has been restored and it is impossible to see any damage from the bombing of the castle during the war. The palace has been transformed into a museum and you can visit the castle every day of the week from 10 except Mondays.

Queen of the castle

The castle is one of the biggest attractions in Oranienburg but there doesn’t seem to be many tourists making it up here from the center of Berlin so you will most likely be able to explore the castle in relative quite if you decide to make the trip up here.

There are many big rooms in the castle but there isn’t many furniture’s in the rooms. So you can’t really see what the castle used to look like when the royal families lived inside the walls of the castle. Some of the rooms are decorated with several tapestries and in others there are some paintings.

There is a room which was the silver vault of the castle. Inside the vault is a large collection of silverware and some gold from the Prussian time so you can have a look at the old valuables.

Before you leave the castle you might want to have a quick look in the basement which contains some displays of old ship models and a few more paintings.

Next to the castle is a large garden which you can go and visit after the castle. If you want to go inside the garden remember to keep your ticket from the castle since it will entitle you to a fifty percent discount on the 3 € entrance fee.

Tulips in castle garden

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