Going under at Komodo

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We have finally made it across Flores and this is one destination I have wanted to go for ages. Ever since my first trip to Indonesia I heard about the amazing diving around Komodo – but never made it to this place so I haven’t seen it for myself.

Morning shark

There is a little dive shop at our hotel so I arrange a day trip with them for three dives around the islands just a short boat ride away from the harbor in Labaunbojo.

We use a local boat – so even a short distance take a bit of time around here. We are only three divers and an instructor who will guide us around. So we got more staff on the boat than divers so we are well taken care off.

There are many islands just off Labaunbajo so there are many places to choose from. We go into the water – and there is a bit of current – the current is what tends to attract big stuff to the water around here. The current isn’t too bad so most people with some experience in diving would probably feel comfortably going down here. Though the diving is a bit deep so the dive shops will probably require the divers to have at least an advanced certification and some experience.

Morning turtle

We go down and there are a lot of things to see down below. It doesn’t take long before we see a little shark and soon there is a turtle showing up on the dive. The visibility in the waters here is pretty good with at least 20 meters which apparently is pretty usual for this area. In addition to the more interesting stuff there is a lot of small fish swimming around the corals. At some places the small fish are so numerous they can almost look like a living wall of small colourful dots.

We are also lucky to see a couple of sea snakes. The snakes are actually among the most poisonous of all snakes – but they are small and have a tiny mouth so they are highly unlikely to bite a diver – apparently they are only dangerous to fishermen who have to get the snakes out of the nets making them exposed to be bitten between the fingers which apparently is the only places these animals can bite through the human skin.

On the last dive of the day we head out for a cleaning station. Going to the cleaning station mean there isn’t a lot of stuff to see in the beginning. But then a costumer comes. A giant manta ray comes in to get a cleaning done by the small cleaner fish. The manta is swimming close by us for a while and we observe it hang around for quite a while so we decide it is time to head back since our dive time has run up to an hour and air is starting to run low so it is time to head back up towards the surface and back onboard the boat.

After the dive we head back to the hotel. The good thing is there is another nice sunset to see before dinner time.


      1. I mainly dived in asia and Australien. I thought americans couldn’t go to Bay of Pigs. Not the Best diving i tried so not a huge loss not to go.


    1. I loved the snakes 🙂 haven’t seen many seasnakes so this was special for me. They are pretty slim and really shouldn’t be dangerous to humans if you keep a distance and don’t try to touch them.

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  1. Wow so much to see under the water there. Komodo island has been in my dream for years now too. But I read that Raja Ampat and Komodo have quite a bit of current, I have so far done about 35 dives and have open and advanced water certifications, so I don’t think I am confident to dive in currents yet. But I will definitely go to those islands some day in the future once I am a bit more confident with dives.

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    1. There are some currents at Komodo. Not craze currents but you can get moved around a bit sometimes. So I guess you should be fairly comfortable with 35 dives – if they are not too spread out. Well worth going for a few dives at the Islands.

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      1. I am in Denmark – but don’t like Cold Waters. So I have never dived in Europe. I have had at least on dive on every other continent 🙂 well minus antartica.

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      2. Wow that’s cool! I have dived in Asia and Europe, but only got started with it 1.5 years ago. I don’t like diving in cold waters either but I do so to keep up with the skills 🙂 Where have been your favorite diving spots? 🙂

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