Exile home of Soekarno

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Soekarno spend many years trying to promote Indonesian independence from the Dutch colonial masters. The Dutch colonist authorities didn’t really appreciate his efforts so in 1934 he was sent into exile in Ende on Flores to keep him away from the center of power on Java.

Courtyard of the house

He lived in a fairly modest house in the town and this old house has been transformed into a small museum you can go and visit. If you are in Ende this seems to be the most interesting historical sight there is to explore so you can drop by and see the home of the first president of Indonesia.

The house is fairly small but I guess compared to what the locals probably lived in during this time it was a wealthy home. There are a bit of furniture on display and some personal house hold items on display as well.

The house itself is only moderately interesting – but considering how important the man was in the history of the country it is worth dropping by and sees how he lived before rising to power.

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