Great Maltese Food in Sliema

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Malta is a beautiful place to visit especially during winter time.   It is a very small country with warm weather all year around.  Unfortunately, the Maltese food are not soo great compare with it is neighbor such as Italy, even though they have similar kind of food. 

Before we come to this place, I searched and read a lot of review about many restaurants to make sure we can have a good and delicious food. 

The restaurant located one block from the hotel we stayed so we just walked there without any reservation.  I was sure we can get a table there, as not many people would come during this time of the year and this restaurant is moderate in price compare with other places in Malta. 


When we arrived, the staff was friendly and we can get a table straight away.  Menu and drinks offered immediately.  We decided to have their special 3 courses meal – which we can choose ourselves. 

The place itself was cozy but quite small, and the food take a while to arrive.  We were happy to wait and enjoyed our wines and bread.  The food smells from the other tables make us hungry and expect more of the food quality. 

Spaghetti with rabbit

We were not disappointed.  My spaghetti with rabbit was delicious and the portion was huge for the starter.  Mickey´s entrée of fried cheese was okay but I prefer my food. 

Fried cheese

For the main course, I had octopus with tomatoes sauce which was delicious and I wish the portion was bigger.  Mickey had pork stuff in 3 different meat. 

Stuffed pork

Lastly the dessert, it looks soo ordinary and not appetizing.  However, one bite of those, I was so happy It was delicious.   

We found; this place was good value for money with delicious food and good service.  It cost over €70 for 2 people.  We will come back here if we visit Malta again. 


151, Tower Rd, Tas-Sliema SLM 1701 



  1. I guess if you look hard enough, you can good food in Malta. Lovely to hear this dining experience was a good one – space, quiet, reasonable price, sizable portions and good tasting food. Was the second last photo a bowl of potatoes? The dessert of cake looks delicious 🙂


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