Sunday market at Marsaxlokk

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We start the day by catching the bus to the central bus station at Valetta which is the main hub for busses all over the island of Malta. When we get there we search for the bus to Marsaxlokk – we are not the only people searching for the bus. It seems like most of the people are going to Marsaxlokk this weekend so when we find a bus heading in that direction there is a crowd trying to get in. we do manage to get into the bus – unfortunately our ticket isn’t valid for this bus because it is a special express bus only going on Sundays.

The Sunday market

The bus quickly fills up and we head towards Marsaxlokk. With our express bus there is no stopping along the way so we quickly reach our destination.

Boats in the harbor

We get out at a bus stop a short walk from the harbor of the city. This is where the action is on a Sunday – possibly on any day of the week but Sunday is the day which attracts the big crowd for the markets and the fish restaurant of the city.

The big crowds flock to this semi remote village to watch the action at the Sunday market. I must admit I find the market pretty disappointing and I think you need to be really into flee market style places to find this rather small market anything of particular interest. Though the location down at the harbor is pretty unique. When you have made it through the general market you will reach a fish market which is going on at least until lunch time and possibly all day – it is more fun to go and have a look at the catch of the day. We are staying at a hotel with no cooking facilities so we will only be looking at the fish with no intention of buying anything.

Eye on the boat

In the harbor you can see the amazing colours of the water and the many pretty small boats spread out across the harbor. The boats got an eye painted at the front of the boat due to some sort of superstition.

Marsaxlokk is a small town and it seems like anything of interest is located right down at the harbor – so there isn’t much worth going far inside the town to explore – well given the size of the town you can’t get too deep inside anyways. We have a bit more of a look around the square at the harbor with an old church and then we head back for a bus taking us back towards the capital.

The harbor


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