Skorba – prehistoric temple

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We arrive in a small village which is home to one of the ancient temples of Malta. We find a vacant parking spot right next to a little park next to the old temple. We park the car and get to the temple. There is a man tending the temple – but for some reason you can’t buy the tickets at the entrance. Instead we have to go back along the small park to a little bar where you can buy the entrance ticket.

The man in bar seems to be familiar with confused tourist so he doesn’t ask for our drink order but if we want to buy tickets for the temple – which we confirm. We buy the ticket for 6€ each and it turns out it gives access not only to this temple but to the nearby Ta Hagrat temple.

We walk back from the bar to the temple. The temple had been included on the antiquities list in 1923 but had been ignored until Trump – not the current president on a study trip but David H. Trump – excavated it during 1960 to 1963. The first part of the temple are truly ancient dating back to 4850 BC making the place more than 2,000 years older than Stonehenge or the Pyramids in Giza.

We have our ticket in hand and can now go inside the temple. The man at the gate is happy to have somebody visiting the place it seems. I got a feeling we are the first visitors of the day and there is nobody else around when we visit. And it would be easy to spot other visitors at this temple – it is tiny.

Hole in rock

We walk around the temple which takes less than 5 minutes and we can take some photos of what remains at the temple. It is interesting to see but it isn’t quite as impressive as what you can find at Stonehenge or in Giza for that matter.


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