Skywalk of Gibraltar

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Up high on the Rock of Gibraltar you find the Skywalk Gibraltar – it is pretty close to the top station of the cable car if you go up with this one – we didn’t since the cable car was under repair on our visit so we went by a car instead. I guess you can walk up as well – but it is a really long walk.

When you get up here there are a little skywalk platform and a viewing platform on top of the skywalk. You were supposed to be able to walk all around the viewing platform – but when we were there they had block part of the skywalk because one of the windows was cracked – I guess this was a very sensible precaution.

We can still walk out a bit on the skywalk – on the windows which hasn’t got any cracks so far. From here is a great view of both sides of the Gibraltar – you really get a feeling for how small the crown colony actually is when you can see pretty much all of it from one spot. There are great views – and apparently you should be able to see Morocco on a clear day – which isn’t today so we only get the view off Gibraltar and Spain just across the water.

Up at the skywalk you find more of the famous monkeys of Gibraltar – they seem to be best friends with the staff working at the skywalk and checking our tickets. So we get up close and personal with the monkeys – actually a bit closer than expected the monkeys seem very curious and want to see if they can get a treat. We had nothing for them so they gave up the search.

Just next to the skywalk you can go up the steep Douglas Path which will lead you to a lookout even higher than the skywalk it is called the Douglas Lookout – who saw this coming when you were walking on the Douglas Path?

When we get back to the car to continue the drive we get some extra passengers which want to get a ride holding on to the outside of the car.


    1. Well the Rock is 426 meters at the highest spot. So not the very high compared to many mountains – but the location right at the ocean and the steepness of the cliff make it look very impressive.

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  1. Oh wow, the skywalk wasn’t there went I visited. Looks amazing!
    But the barbary apes were fun. I have a photo of one of them going through the hairs on my (male) friend’s hairy legs!

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    1. Was too Cold for shorts so the apes didn’t get a chance to go for the legs – instead they went for other hair 🙂 Skywalk was a fun short stop – but not sure it is enough to justify me recommending a trip back to Gibraltar just to see this one. But if you are in the neighborhood …


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