Piazza del Popolo

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The Piazza del Popolo is one of the biggest squares in the center of Rome. Today it’s a nice and peaceful mainly pedestrian area and you don’t have anything reminding you of the somewhat sinister history as the place for public executions in Rome.

Churches at the square

The square is dominated by a tall obelisk in the center with a fountain around it. The Egyptian obelisks on the square is the second tallest in Rome and the hieroglyphs on it was used in a study by Georg Zoëga to decipher them – he almost succeeded but the final translation of the hieroglyphs had to wait for the discovery of the Rosetta stone.

The obelix on the square

On the two main entrances to the square you will find three churches in total – that’s right one square equals three churches in this city. Two of the churches are on each side of the Via del Corso – the main street of the center of Rome.

On each side of the square you will see two more big fountains – one of which is just beneath a hill – if you walk up this hill you will have a great view of the city from the Pincio.


    1. Glad I could find something new for you – though I am a bit surprised you haven’t been there since I thought it is pretty much on the beaten path of Rome. You just keep walking from the Spanish steps.

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