The beautiful cathedral of Lecce

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Within the old town of Lecce you can head for the Piazza del Duomo which is one of the prettiest squares inside the old town. The square is surrounded by several amazing baroque buildings and it is a sight in itself. Visiting during close to Christmas you will find a pretty big nativity scenery build on the middle of the square – it is pretty elaborate and must take quite a bit of effort to create each year.

The building you will most likely notice when you visit the square is the old cathedral of Lecce. The construction of the cathedral dates back to 1144 – but it has been significantly rebuild and remodel several times during its lifespan and the current version of the cathedral dates back to 1659 which better correspond with the baroque era of the other buildings around the square.

As most churches in Italy it is free to enter the cathedral and if there is no service going on you can roam freely around inside the cathedral taking in the amazing building with all the art pieces.

A special feature with the cathedral is it has actually got two facades one facing the main square and one facing the other towards a street behind the church. The square and the cathedral is clearly one of the must visit places when you wonder the streets of old Lecce and it is an easy walk from other points of interest inside the old town.


  1. So beautiful. I’m so envious of all the beautiful places you get to see. One day I’ll get to travel, when my boys are older. You were the one who inspired me to do my Toddlers Around Town series. I may not get to see the world right now but I can explore the place I live for now. ☺️

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