Pariser Platz

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Pariser Platz is a centrally located square in Berlin. It is just in front of Brandenburger Tor and the main Berlin avenue Unter den Linden stars at Pariser Platz. If you go and visit Brandenburger Tor you will most likely go to the square – if you know it or not.

The square is located in the former Soviet sector of Berlin – and close to the border between the old East- and West Berlin. The wall was just a short distance away from the square. Because of the location the area around the square lay idle until the fall of the Berlin Wall.

After the fall of the wall the area has returned to its former glory and is again one of the most beautiful squares in Berlin. The square is today the home to the embassies of UK, USA and France. The Russian embassy is still located a bit further down the Unter den Linden.

You are most likely to visit the square to have a look at Brandenburger Tor and as a starting point of a trip wondering down Unter den Linden. If you like to have a quick trip in a horse carriage – you can catch one at the square.

What the square used to look like during the time of the Berlin Wall

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