Anybody want to try Fusion Restaurant??

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We have heard about this restaurant especially about their good reviews, so I decided it is time to visit this place and nostalgia about the hot and warm Asian country in the middle of winter in Copenhagen Denmark.

Ibu serve an Asian Fusion dining especially from Malaysia and Singapore.  Personally, I do not like fusion restaurants as I prefer classic cooking or just normal cooking not mix and match to accommodate the local taste, but I though…. why not…. lets try it.

When we arrived at this place for an early dinner, they placed us in the bar where the stool chair has no back support.  I inquired if we can get a table since we will have a 6 courses meal (which was prepaid), and I see at least 3 vacant tables inside.

Unfortunately, the waiter said no, there is only place in the bar.  I was not too happy about this. Luckily the manager gives us a table which was more comfortable than just the bar stool without back support.  We booked the dinner through email and I think they should tell us the situation if they want to put us on the bar stool as honestly, I am not willing to sit there for the 6 courses meal.

The restaurant itself is quite small, probably less than 10 tables inside. There is an open kitchen and the smoke was drifted into the dining room when the chef does the cooking, which bring the burn smell and it was not that nice and the smell stick to the clothing. In addition, it was very noisy with people talking and I noticed only one waiter serving the entire guests, so the service was quite slow.

The food itself taking awhile to come to the table and no bread provided.  I was kind of hungry and expecting a good food by that time.

Finally the first dish of raw Tuna with wasabi and beetroot juice and fish eggs arrived. It taste kind of strange.  I can smell the awful beetroot juice and there was not much taste of the tuna unfortunately.  I personally prefer the old soy sauce than the beetroot juice.

Second dish was a round thin pizza base, but I was not sure what top it was. Taste was sweet and I though there was some peanuts on it, but not sure.

Then we waited for a while before the third dish arrived.  It was supposedly mushroom “Rendang” and cucumber, which is famous in Malaysia and Indonesia.  Unfortunately, the taste was modified to the local taste and it was completely different taste with the food of origin. It tastes sweet, that’s it.  Shamed really and it make me want to revisit Asia soon.

Then we waited again for some time before the spareribs arrived.  The staff said the sauce is made like the sauce in Malaysia.  Oh Godness…..come on guys… I can teach you how to cook.  This is completely different. Nothing the same as Malaysia or Singapore food.  The meat itself was very tender but not much taste on it.  You need to add more sauce to make it delicious. The meat was accompany with a condiment, grapes which has a kimchi sauce on it.

Fifth dish was the steak with bok choi.  I did not eat the steak but Mickey said the beef was tender.  The bok choi itself was too sour and the place is fail to represent the Asian fusion in my opinion.

Lastly the dessert of passion fruits and vanilla ice cream was too sour to my liking, so Mickey gets second serving of my plate.  I go home still a bit hungry (since Mickey eats most of the food), and I eat 2 chocolate scones at home (which I have baked earlier).

How do I rate this place?? Honestly, I am not sure as never like fusion restaurants and I will definitely avoid it in the future, as I had tried several fusion restaurants (with Michelin award on it) and I still do not like it.  I asked Mickey opinion about the restaurant food, and he said it was okay.  Probably this will our first and last visit to the place.  The price itself was reasonable and the food portion was generous.


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