Morning visiting the free masons

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We didn’t have time to visit the old town of Concord yesterday when we went out to see North Bridge we were just too busy searching for a place to spend the night and it turned out to be a bit difficult. So we actually ended having to spend the night in jail – ok it was a former women’s prison transformed into a hotel – but still.

We drive from the hotel which is located in the next town and then reach the center of Concord – fortunately it is easy to park and we walk around to enjoy the old town for a while. This is actually a part of the States where there is quite a long history and the town has some very nice old buildings spread around the main square of the town. On the middle of the town square is a small monument for the battle nearby to mark the towns place in the American Revolution.

We walk around the central square for a while and then we notice there is a sign in front of an old house from the early part of the 19th century. This is the free mason lodge of Concord – there are actually a lot of free mason lodges spread across the state and today they have open house for the lodge. So we decide to go inside and have a quick look at the main hall of the lodge. It is a pretty room like this kind of societies tends to have.

543A1919 (1280x853)

We leave Concord behind and continue our journey along the path of the battle in the Minute Man Park.


  1. Love the “Prison” Hotel, I am sure I stayed in one in Sweden?? quite a long time ago now. They done a nice job of it.
    Masonic lodges I think started in the UK, in the 1717, starting from stone masons and Church builders. Again a fascinating subject to explore….if you dare…. lol 😉

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    1. I guess they have those prison hotels all over the world. I just think this is the first time I stayed at one. And yeah the mason is pretty old – I thought they would date back even longer.

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