Driving around the lake

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We start the day by going from our hotel in Lincoln the short drive to a nice big lake in the middle of New Hampshire. The Lake Winnipesaukee is the biggest lake in the state so it shouldn’t have come to a surprise to us it will take a while driving around it. It is a very pretty drive along the shore of the lake which is actually about 260 miles in total – so we skip a bit of the drive.

It is a nice drive along the lake in the autumn colours of New England. We stop along the shore of the lake quite a few times to have a little look at the lake and the small harbors along the shore. We stop at the Central Harbor which is actually the original home to a boat race between Harvard and Yale colleges in 1852. This was actually the oldest sporting event taking place between two different colleges in the USA. Today it seems to be the home of a lot of geese who comes to enjoy the waters – maybe they have left their summer residence up in the arctic and are heading further south for warmer climate.

The view around the harbor is pretty stunning but we continue to other sights which include some of the oldest holiday homes in the country which apparently were put up along the mirror lakes. It is a pretty area so I can see why people went up here for their holidays.

Finally we reach the bottom end of the lake down around Alton. We get really close to the lake down here along the road and there are splendid views up north along the lake. By now we have finished our tour around the lake and must continue our journey down south.


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