Having a quick look at old town Stowe

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After we have visited the Ben and Jerry’s ice-cream factory we continue our journey through Vermont. A short drive from the factory we find one of those typical small towns in Vermont. With all the small wooden houses along the streets and a small wooden church.

It is the small town of Stowe which apparently is famous as the home of the von Trapp family – but we didn’t go and visit. We just had a quick look around the city watching the many small wooden houses.

The town was decorated with lots of pumpkins – people were getting ready for Halloween. Especially one house which might have been the town hall or something else of significance. In addition to two-three dozen of pumpkin there were a couple of canons in front of the building – so it could be scary all year and not just around the holidays.


  1. You really extended your trip beyond NYC Linny! Wish you coul dhave traveled clear across the country to California! so fun to see where you have been. Waiting for your Berlin pics!! Merry Christmas!

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      1. I doubt it – there are just so many places to go – and so little time and money to get there 🙂 and then you got the security situation which just put some countries out off reach for the foreseable future.


      2. I know what you mean LInny– I don’t wish I had a lot of money for a big house or a fancy cars– but I’d like to be able to travel wherever I wanted to go!! Hope you find some great travels ahead in 2019! xo

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  2. Love the photos and information! Thanks for sharing. Seems like a perfect time of year to be there. We are hoping to explore Vermont in the coming years and will definitely use your blog as a resource!

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