Glædelig jul – merry Christmas

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Jingle Bells….Jingle Bells……. Jingle all the way….

The song was playing in my mind when I was having shower today.  I was soo excited to see the Christmas Parade, especially to get the free gløg (warm red wine with almond slice and raisins), and ginger bread cake. Yumm…yumm….

20181124_164126 (1280x720)
The street decoration

This week all the streets in Copenhagen was decorated with Christmas light and it looks so pretty and bright since the day is getting shorter and by 3.30pm it is already dark now.  Oh God…….. where the sun has gone?????  It is not even winter yet, but temperature has gone downhill ….

At least the light help brighten up the mood and the pop up Christmas market motivate me to explore the dark and cold city.  The mulled wine and roasted almonds fill the air and create a familiar Christmas spirit.  Ho..Ho…Ho.. I love Christmas Markets…. So many things to see and eat…… the grill sausage, apple pie, wine, chocolate, ohhhh … my mouth watering by now.

Anyhow, the traditional start of the Christmas shopping season at the street where I live is the lighting of the Christmas decorations spanning the street and a big Parade which start from one of the supermarkets close to my Apartment at 4.03pm. So, we just walk out to the main road, get our free gløg from the stand and then standing on the street waiting for the Parade.  The street was full of people, adult and children who look forward to the parade.

The Parade was a little bit late, but we patiently waiting for it.


Finally, we can see the start of the Parade.  One man walks in the middle of the street follow by a car. After that the sound of the drum fill the air, my heart and leg start dancing with the rhyme and my hand busy taking pictures of the parade.

20181124_162122 (1280x720)20181124_162356 (1280x720)20181124_162631 (1280x720)20181124_162743 (1280x720)20181124_162617 (1280x720)20181124_162845 (1280x720)20181124_163136 (1280x720)20181124_163603 (1280x720)20181124_163639 (1280x720)20181124_163743 (1280x720)20181124_163611 (1280x720)20181124_163949 (1280x720)

It was fun to be out in the crowded and to be entertain.  Before I know it, the Parade was finish and it is time to go home and warm ourselves. Brr…..


The parade usually takes place on the last Saturday of November starting at 4 going along Amagerbrogade in Copenhagen. We will probably be back next year – and if you are in town in late November you could join.






    1. Gløg is quite nice – the Danish version of muled wine with lot of different species. It is generally only available from late November till just after Christmas.


  1. Loved seeing this LInny!! What a lovely evening and fun tradition. all the marchers and costumes– wonderful way to start off Christmas… Off to read your NY posts!! Hope it was a great time for you. Merry Christmas!!

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