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I was lucky to be invited to dine at NOI Restaurant.  NOI has just started it is Autumn menu which consist of small and large dishes to share together on the table.   The restaurant using top ingredients and the flavor was influence from all over Europe with a modern twist in it.

NOI Restaurant located at the basement of Nobis Hotel Copenhagen, and it is under the same management as the hotel.  The dining room is a bit small and kind of noisy from the guest talking to each other, however it is welcoming the guest into it is arm.  The decoration is minimal but stylist. It was designed by Wingårdhs, which supposedly famous architect firm in Nordic country.

20181116_203747 (1280x720)
Inside the restaurant

The light inside the restaurant was a bit dim and the candle light added a romantic atmosphere.  The table and chairs put neatly and there is enough space between your neighbor for privacy.

I noticed the music was playing different song during our 5 hours dinner, from the lively music, to the soft and serene music, and it help the mood and the conversation to flow smoothly. I guest the wines help more…

20181116_203737 (1280x720)
The bar infront of the restaurant

There is an open bar next to the restaurant where we have pre-drink before dinner.  The champagne served was delicious and the companion was awesome.  Guest can have snack food at the bar if they wish to.

20181116_195717 (720x1280)

After pre-drink at the bar, the staff asked if we were ready for dinner.  We were seated in the middle of the room and I can especially watch the surrounding area.  Not long after, the Manager come with a bottle of nice white wine to accompany our entrée and a couple bottles of water.

20181116_205344 (720x1280)
The Manager bringing white wine for us

Bread and butter arrived at the table and the staff explain it. I give my thumb up when I get a warm bread as it should be in my book, and I give extra point for this.  In addition, the staff continuously bring in a warm fresh bread when they see the empty bread basket on the table.

20181116_205741 (1280x720)
The bread and butter

The entrée consists of 4 dishes which come simultaneously to the table, and I so look forward to try the food.  The staff was so friendly, and he explain each of the dishes on the table.

20181116_210125 (1280x720)
Danish cheese and tomatoes

The Danish organic burrata (cheese) and tomatoes taste very fresh, creamy and light to the mouth.  Presentation was okay, it looks nice and appetizing.

20181116_210242 (1280x720)
Yummy and tasty ham..

The toasted bread with some kind of tomatoes paste and ham was delicious.  The ham was especially super tasty.  I love it.  Apparently, the ham was soo old, it called Pata Nega which was dried for 36 months before it fit to be served to the guest.

20181116_210305 (720x1280)

Next, we have Tuna with caper, onions and cheese.  I find the taste was subtle and slightly sour.  However, after I added a little salt, all ingredients dance together in my mouth, and I want it more…

20181116_210330 (720x1280)

Tartare with Danish beef, smoked cream, pickled onions & elderflower was nicely presented.  It looks very colorful and tastes wonderful.

After the staff clearing all the empty plates on the table, he come back with a bottle of red wine.  Shame I did not try it.  Yeah… I was trying not to get drunk and focus on the taste, ha..ha…

20181116_214928 (1280x720)
Delicious duck

For the main course we have a very tasty Duck with variations of beetroots and caramelized onions.  I love the duck taste.  It was delicious.  Unfortunately, I find that the meat and the top of the duck skin was a bit chewed. If it was slightly tender, it would be perfect.

20181116_214907 (1280x720)
Tender and tasty Pork Belly

The next main course was the Pork Belly with Cabbage fried with butter sage and jus.  The meat just melts in my mouth. It was soo tender and tasty. I can taste everything.  Surprisingly I also like the Cabbage, it was delicious.  I even cooked it in my home the next day.

20181116_223139 (1280x720)
Vanilla ice cream with plum and nuts

Finally, the one we have been waiting for……. The dessert….

I would say I am very picky with dessert, however, I can highly recommend this dessert. It was delicious, and I get second serving of this.   It was presented nicely and mouthwatering.  The French toast with vanilla ice cream, plums and caramelized nuts really symphonies and complement each other.

20181116_224915 (1280x720)

Lastly the delicious dark chocolate nugget was heavenly.   It was a fantastic night.

What I find missing was the staff did not ask if we want tea or coffee or sweet wines to accompany our dessert.  In addition, the staff did not clean the table after we finished with our main meal. I also notice one of the staffs has a body odor smell when serving the food.

Anyhow, as a foodie, I find the food was superb and the portion was substantial.  I would highly recommend this place to visit if you happen to be in Copenhagen.  I for one, already planning my next visit.


NOI Restaurant

Opening Hours for Dinner:

Tuesday – Thursday 18:00-00.00 (Kitchen closes at 22:00)

Friday & Saturday 18:00-00:00 (Kitchen closes at 23:00)


PS: All food and drinks were complimentary from NOI Restaurant.  However, my review is honest and subjective to my personal experience.


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