Just need to see the lemurs in the wild again

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The last couple of times we have seen lemurs it has been in a zoo like condition jumping on people to get a piece of banana – and it just isn’t the same to see these amazing creatures in the wild. So this morning we want to go back to one of the parks we have been to before.

Fortunately the weather this morning is pretty dry – for the first time during the time we have been staying in Andasibe. So hopefully we won’t get too wet when we go and search for the lemurs again. We go into the small park and join a tour – it is the same route we went a few days ago before we left of the Palmarium for a few days.

543A0597 (1280x853)

There are some grey lemurs in the park but unfortunately we don’t spot them today – so we go deeper into the park and try to spot the indri – the largest of the lemurs. I like the indri and I think it is fitting the last lemur we will try to spot in the wild is the largest of the lemurs.

543A0600 (1280x853)

Our guide goes out to search for the indri a bit off the beaten trails and then finally she spots a group of indris. We have to leave the path to go inside the forest to see the indris. It is pretty muddy in the forest but we manage to move carefully to a position where we can see the indris. Unfortunately the indris stay high in the trees and the forest is pretty dense so it is difficult to get a clear view of the animals since there keeps being leaves blocking our view of the animals.

After a lot of maneuvering around in the forest we finally manage to get to a position where you can actually get some semi clear pictures from the bottom of the forest up against the light in the treetop. We stay for a while watching the indris and listening to their song one last time. Then we go back towards the path and continue our walk through the forest. We end at a little lake where we go in and look for chameleons. Fortunately the guide have spotted some yesterday and they don’t seem to move to much in a few hours so she manage to find several different species of chameleons some of them pretty big.

543A0617 (1280x853)

As a last little bonus the guide find a leaftail gecko sitting on a tree – and when we get close enough to the tree we can actually spot the gecko though the camouflage is amazing so if the guided hadn’t spotted the gecko we would have walked right pass it.

543A0623 (1280x853)
Leaftail gecko

Unlike the indris the chameleon and geckos are down in the forest so we do manage to get some good pictures of them before we leave the park and the last wildlife experience of the big island of Madagascar.

543A0624 (1280x853)
Closeup of head of the leaftail gecko


  1. So amazing– I’ve only seen lemurs at a zoo, of course. How wonderful to share the forest with them, if only for a while. And the vivid green chameleon!! wow!! So fun to catch up with some of your travels Yummi!

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