Heading to the highpoint on the island

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It is our last day on the island today and we have an early flight the next morning. Our hotel is pretty far away from the airport and there isn’t that many taxi hanging around the area so we decide to move to a hotel in the main town of Hellwill.
543A9625 (1280x853)
We get a tuktuk to take us to Hellwill and check in to the hotel and then we take the same tuktuk to a little mountain on the other side of the island. The mountain is the highest point on the island so we expect there will be a good view from the top.

We start driving towards the mountain – it doesn’t take long before we are stopped at yet another police checkpoint where the policeman in charge decides to demand a bribe from the driver. He pays the money and we can move along. It is a long drive on the small tuktuk to the other side of the island and after an hour or so driving there I start finding the tuktuk ever more uncomfortable. The seats in the tuktuk is ok for a short drive from one village to the next but after an hour the small cushion on the seat feels like nothing and the seat is just hard.
543A9640 (1280x853)
Finally we reach the bottom of the mountain – and we start the drive uphill. The tuktuk is struggling to get up the hill and the speed goes down – fortunately it is just strong enough to continue up the hill. We pass a couple of lakes on the way up. Finally we reach the top of the hill and there is a fairly large parking lot with absolutely nobody parking there. We go to the little ticket office where we can pay an entrance fee and then we walk up the hill to the highest point on Nosy Be. There is nobody on top except us – there is a great view up here but none of the many tourists from the different hotels and resorts around the island seem to be willing to make the effort to enjoy the view.
543A9653 (1280x853)
We look around in all directions and take photos of the lake below and the coast of the island and the nearby islands. And then it is time to go back down – we could go and have a drink at the restaurant on top – it isn’t the worst place to have a drink but we have already enjoyed the view so we decide just to go back to Hellwill. It is another long drive on the still uncomfortable seat of the tuktuk.


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