The main tourist destination of Madagascar

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When you travel around Madagascar you generally only see a limited number of tourists. On Nosy Be the general trend with few tourists doesn’t apply – up here is actually a lot of tourist and it is the main tourist hub of the entire country of Madagascar. People come here not to enjoy the nature of the country but to go for a beach destination at cheaper prices than in Europe. Though the prices off accommodation on Nosy Be is a lot higher than what you’ll encounter on the rest of the island.
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When arriving to the island you immediately notice there are actually a large number of white people walking around the city of Hellvill – which is not named after hell but after a French admiral. And when you go to the beach destinations there is a lot of tourist in most of the hotels – though a few are completely empty.
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Staying at the island you notice there is a pretty significant tide. So at low tide the water disappears and you can go for a swim unless you start walking several hundred meters across mudflats. And when the tide is high the beach disappears completely and the water is up at the stair to the hotel. Hence the beach really isn’t the best you can find around the globe.
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Unfortunately the island of Nosy Be has a reputation of being a bit of a sex tourism destination. And when you spend some time at the island you might notice there seem to be a number of couple consisting of pretty old French men and too young local girls. At one restaurant we could observe the same old French man having dinner on a couple of different days with different young girls. And we could also observe a young local girl having dinner with two different older French men on different days. I guess it could just be a coincidence and they just happen to have common friends and therefore enjoy a dinner together followed by a breakfast the next morning. In addition to these questionable couple you can actually also find some which seems more like true love with a man and a woman at approximately the same age and their common children.
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After staying at the island a few days I think I have reach the conclusion this is really not a place for me and I have no wish to return in the future.
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  1. What an honest review of Nosy Be. It looks very scenic and that sunset looked amazing. Interesting to hear about the sex tourism side of things, and from what you saw on the beach there could be the case of older men hooking up with young women just for a brief moment. A playground for some, but not for others. It’s the kind of place where you might need to look out for yourself even more, be even more on the alert to see if anyone is following you and want to make some moves on you.

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      1. One time I had someone make a move on me at a popular beach here in Australia, not in a good way…and it was a family beach too. Some places really just don’t vibe with you.

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  2. Unfortunately that’s how it is in most poor countries that are also popular tourist destinations.. be it places in Asia like the Philippines, Thailand, Laos etc or Madagascar like you said. I had been considering Madagascar for my next beach/dive holiday combined with the wildlife tours but after reading your posts, I have moved Indonesia higher on the list than Madagascar. Thanks for your honest reviews. The sunset does look amazing!

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    1. The sunset was amazing. And I am sorry to have put you off from madagascar. There are other beach destinations like Ifaty where we didn’t see any off the se shaker sides of tourism.

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  3. Sigh, sad but true. I am from Southeast Asia, and I always get very weirded out by old white guys who say how amazing Southeast Asia is. Of course, they neglect to mention that they are there for cheap (and sometimes, underaged) sex.

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  4. Beautiful photos… I am against prostitution and I know these things happen everywhere. Still, I don’t think I would be comfortable there…

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