The tiny lemurs hiding in the trees

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It is getting dark but before dinner it is time to go out and do the last bit of exploration of this corner of Madagascar. we drive to a little dirt road where the driver park the car and then it is time to go out and look for the creatures of the night.

543A9249 (1024x683)

It doesn’t take long before the first small animals are visible. It isn’t nocturnal animals but two small birds sleeping next to each other on a small branch. The birds are sleeping surprisingly heavily so we can get really close and take photos of the cute little birds.

543A9262 (1024x683)

We decide not to wake up the birds and instead we continue down the little dirt road. We are actually outside the national park and the road is on ordinary land next to the national park. But there are still some trees and bushes on both side of the dirt road and there are many small animals in the vegetation.

543A9270 (1024x683)

We walk down the road spotting a couple of chameleons and geckos next to the road. It is actually easier to spot these animals during the night than during the day since they stand out if you shine a light on the vegetation.

543A9258 (1024x683)

In a couple of the trees are several tiny mouse lemurs crawling around the tree eating the fruits of the tree. They are small – but very fast so even though there are many of them they are very difficult to actually get a picture of. Every time I am ready to take a photo the lemur sprints behind the leaves of the tree. But finally in the end I manage to get a reasonable photo of the tiny lemur.

543A9273 (1024x683)

The total little walk has taken a bit less than an hour but I guess we have seen most of what you can see here at night so it is about time to head back to the hotel and get some dinner before it is getting too late since we have to get up really early tomorrow leaving before daybreak since we have another monster drive ahead of us. I hope the driver gets a good night sleep tonight – he will need it.


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