Sukaiba – Japanese food on top of Copenhagen city

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Yey.. it is time to try a new restaurant in the block.  Sukaiba Restaurant is located at the top (23 floor) of Bella Sky hotel (Marriot Hotel) in Copenhagen Denmark, which just open one and half month ago. The restaurant offers a sophisticated Japanese food with a twist.

20180926_180833 (1024x576)
Inside the restaurant

The view from the top is beautiful and we can see the sparkling lights dance below us.

The service was perfect.  From the moment we step out from the elevator, the friendly staff great and usher us to the table with a view below.

543A0888 (1024x683)
view outside from the restaurant

The drinks offer immediately, and the staff explain the menu options.  There are 8 and 16 courses menu, or we can choose and pick any food we fancy from the menu.

As this is a new restaurant and we are curious with their food, we choose the 16 courses tasting menu, and we look forward to the food.

We tried their sake, unfortunately I found, the taste was not the best like sake we had in Japan.  There is nothing wrong with the sake, probably we just too picky.

The food arrives shortly, and we start enjoying the meals.

20180926_181521 (1024x576)
sake, apple juice, sewed crackers, cashew nuts top with white radish

The cashew nuts top with white radish was interesting.  The nuts were cooked with some sort of honey and it taste sweet and slightly tangy spice from the white radish.The sewed crackers top with curry mayonnaise was interesting and it taste kind of salty.

20180926_181224 (1024x576)
half oyster

The oysters was presented but we were not too happy with this, apparently the chef cut one oysters into 2 and just  give half of oyster to each person.  Come on chef….. this is kind of ridiculous, how can you taste the oysters fully.

20180926_182001 (1024x576)
yummy green salad

The green salad with Japanese sauce and sesame seed was yummy and I want more of this dish.  When I visit this place again in the future, I will definitely order this dish.

20180926_182005 (1024x576)
Tomatoes salad

Next is the tomatoes salad with spinach, tofu, sesame and top with deep fried onion.  I can taste the bbq aroma from the tomatoes. The taste was okay but the green salad with Japanese sauce was the best.

20180926_182738 (1024x576)
sour salmon ceviche

After that the salmon ceviche top with radish and edible flowers arrived.  OMG….. after I tasted this dish, I was kind of sad.  The salmon was fresh and beautifully arranged on the plate but… it was too sour.  I think it would be best if the salmon just leave as it is, and eat with the normal Japanese sauce and wasabi.

20180926_182743 (1024x576)
Trout tartar

The trout tartar with the soya sauce top with green and white sturgeon caviar was good.  It would be better if they give more of the caviar.

20180926_182757 (1024x576)
yellow tuna fin

I adore the yellow fin tuna with green tomatoes, mild soya, shiso and spicy horseradish.

20180926_184508 (1024x576)
My favorite sushi

Next is the Gunkan – trout roe and fresh wasabi is my favorite sushi.  The langoustine with alga and pickled ginger taste sweet and delicious.

 20180926_185551 (1024x576)

I love this North Sea cod with smoked miso butter, rice vinegar, lemongrass and long pepper.  I can taste everything, and it was yummy.

20180926_185609 (1024x576)
deep fried Japanese mushroom

The deep fried Japanese mushroom with brown and green sauce was interesting.  Taste was okay but another dish taste better than this.

20180926_192023 (1024x576)
Delicious and tender lamb

Saddle of lamb from Vibygård cook with fresh tomatoes top with shallots was tender and delicious and we were happy with the portion.

20180926_192032 (1024x576)
Gyoza / dumpling

Fried gyoza with pork shank, black garlic and green chili was not the best.  I can feel the meat has too much flour.  To be honest, I can make better gyoza than this.

20180926_193519 (1024x576)
sour sorbet

Finally, we are looking forward to the dessert.  The first dessert was a vanilla and lime leaf custard and ginger sorbet.  Oh boy…. I was really disappointed with it.  It was really really sour.   I have one taste and I give the whole bowl to my best buddy to finish it.  I would never order this dessert again.

20180926_193700 (1024x576)
Delicious green tea ice cream

The second dessert was delicious, it was a green tea ice cream served with fresh miint leave.  I love this and want more.

The last was a tamarind tea.  Taste was kind of strange, a bit sour like a tamarind but slightly sweet.

Finished dinner, we enjoy the quiet and romantic environment with the sparkling lights below us.

543A0883 (1024x683)

By the time we got home, we are planning to visit this place again.  Love the food and the view.



      1. I hope you have a great weekend and please let us know if you come to Copenhagen, it would be nice to meet other blogger face to face and share the stories:)


  1. OK so I am pencilling Copenhagen for 2019 just so I can try all your restaurant recommendations! Do you have any Michelin recommendations for Prague, by any chance… sorry I know probably a random questions but just thought wouldn’t harm to check…

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