The lemurs like the soft toy

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One really good thing about lemurs is they like to sleep in. so if you stay relatively close to them you can get a sleep in as well. Fortunately we have only a five minute walk to the forest with the lemurs this morning so we did have a bit of a sleep in and a leisurely breakfast before heading out.

We walk down the dirt road for a little bit and then we turn into the forest. The forest is fairly dense but with the sun up there are no problems getting orientated unlike last night when we were walking inside the forest in the darkness of the night.

543A8428 (1024x683)

After a bit of a walk we spot some sifakas high in the tree. The sifakas are pretty funny when they jump on the ground but it doesn’t seem like they will go down for a while so we can only watch them jumping a bit high above us.

We walk further into the forest and find one of the nocturnal lemurs we had seen last night. Here in the daylight hours of the day it is resting quietly just sitting at the branch trying to hide from possible enemies who might want a lemur steak for breakfast. It is quite cute with the big eyes which are better suited for the darkness of the night than the bright light of a sunny Madagascar day. I am happy seeing the lemur in daylight since the colours on the photos are much better here during the day compared to the blurry greyish photos I manage to get last night.

Even though the small nocturnal lemur is cute we continue the search for more lemurs. After a bit of walking through the forest and pretty good trails which we find a group of red-fronted brown lemurs. There are quite a lot of lemurs. First we just observe the lemurs from a distance but we move a bit closer. The lemurs are curious and we are bringing a little toy cat along – apparently the lemurs can see this little soft cat and it appears they consider the cat might be a baby animal of some sort. They clearly look at the little cat and come really close looking at the cat. Our guide says he hasn’t seen the lemurs act like this before.

543A8616 (1024x683)

We stay at the same spot for quite a while looking at the lemurs which are coming so close so it is possible to touch them if you stretch your arm just a little. They are so observant looking at the soft toy and giving up eating to observe us.

The lemurs are not really going away so after a while we decide to walk away heading slowly back towards the dirt road. On the way back we see some more sifakas up in the trees – we ask the guide if it is the same group of sifakas we had seen before but he says it is a different group of sifakas. They are livelier than the first group – I guess they are really waking up now and feeling a bit hungry so they need to go out and look for some nice breakfast. The sifakas jump away through the top of the trees so we continue walking towards the road.

On the way to the main road the guide wants to take us by the only male baobab in the forest. I didn’t realize there was male and female baobab trees – I had never heard about this before so I figured the baobab was unisex. After a little walk we get to the male baobab – and I get why this is a male baobab – it is extraordinary well equipped and definitely look like a man.

From mister baobab we head back towards the camp – as we walk down the dirt road we pass a truck which is the camp water truck – it is parked on the road next to a well where they pump up water to use in the camp. So now there is plenty of water in the room for showers and the like.


  1. Madagascar is on my list! Coincidentally, two other bloggers have recently visited Madagascar and I was amazed by their pictures. Lemur look cute. It must have been a wonderful experience. 🙂

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