Getting to the end of the road

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We have spent the last week driving down to the south of Madagascar and now we are almost at the end of the road. The RN7 national road 7 finish in Tulear and we are just over 10 kilometers from the city now. We decide not to rush to the city which is a large port city serving the southern region of the country.

We stop at a little place called Arboretum d’Antsokay. It is time for lunch so we decide to get some lunch at the little restaurant at the place. The restaurant is facing a little pool area with a lot of trees around it. As we are waiting for our lunch to arrive a lot of birds are flying around in the trees around the pool. So there is a lot of entertainment for us going out hunting for that perfect picture of the birds – which just keep flying away right at the moment I am ready to put the bottom of the camera.

After the lunch we go to visit the little park at the place. It is a nice park which is very nicely laid out and we walk around having a look at the different local plants in the park. We have a guide telling us a bit about the different species of trees and she was quite good – though I think I forgotten most of what she told us. The park focus mainly on the many different endemic species of plants from Madagascar but there is also some plant from other places – mainly it seems Mexico and South America – I suppose the climate down here in the southern part of Madagascar is just similar to Mexico so the plant from there feel right at home here in the park.

We finish the walk around the park since we have already made a hotel reservation in a town at the beach on the other side of Tulear. So we have to go. We found this little park quite nice and they do have some bungalows you could rent – and if we hadn’t already made a reservation for the hotel we might have stayed here to enjoy the quite park and the birds flying around. We were the only guest at the restaurant and in the park at the time we visited so it seems like you can get the place more or less for yourself if you spend the night. I think spending a night here is a good alternative to stay in the city itself. When we went through Tulear after leaving the park we didn’t really want to spend any time at all exploring Tulear – it looked pretty uninviting.

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