It is a bit quite on Independence Day

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We are ready to leave the capital and go on our road trip around the island. We wanted to do a bit of shopping before leaving but it isn’t possible today since it is the independence day of Madagascar and all the shops are closed. So we just have to get a few bottles of water at a gas station and then we head out to the main road leading south.

We might be driving along the route national 7 which is one of the biggest roads in the whole country. It might be a very big road for Madagascar but that really doesn’t say much – in most other countries a road this seize would be a secondary road. The road might be sealed – but there are several potholes along the drive. There are bridges crossing the rivers – but some of the bridges has collapsed at it doesn’t seem like they are doing much to repair them – apparently some of the collapsed bridges have been down for years without any signs of repairs going on. It might be a road which is supposed to be used by cars – but in the cities there are still more people going along with their pussy-pussy carts. The pussy-pussy is powered by the oldest engine known to man – the power of the two legs pulling the cart forward. And it seems like there are an almost equal number of cars and zebu carts. The trusty zebu cart is the favorite mode of transporting products around the country side for the many farmers who doesn’t have a car of any sorts.

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As we drive along the country side there seems to be several markets going on in all the small villages. There are small carnivals at the different markets. I suppose the markets are a bit bigger this day due to the celebration of the independence of Madagascar. We didn’t see this many carnival during the rest of our journey through the country side.

We are passing a few cities which are known for their production of different handicrafts. But the workshops are closed today because of the holiday. So we don’t get a chance to see how they are producing the different handicrafts. So we drive to the hotel a bit early and relax at the place.


  1. Good to hear you got some supplies from the petrol station! They tend to be reliable on public holidays. What a trip around Madagascar, though the cities were quite during the holidays. Always much to enjoy among the quiet. The views look amazing and sparse. Pussy-pussy carts sounds like such a catchy name. It sounds like such a humble mode of transport – powered by people and the locals must always be used to it and have lots of strength for it 🙂

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  2. I travelled through Madagascar a few years ago, such a beautiful place, and such an adventure! Thanks for sharing your experience 🙂

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