Ok maybe we should visit the city with the airport in the end

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We have been driving all over the Algarve from the Atlantic coast to the river bordering Spain. But during all this driving we hadn’t made it into Faro – the town we actually flew into. It is getting a bit late in the afternoon and we kind of have to make up our minds. Will we go to the airport early and just turn in the car and find somewhere around there to have diner. Or should we go to the town with the airport and search for somewhere to eat?

We go for a quick visit to the town. It was a pretty good idea – since the old town of Faro is actually a pretty nice place to go for a little visit – though I don’t think too many tourists flying in or out of Faro airport actually makes it to the town.

543A6027 (1024x683)

We drive to the center and manage to find parking right down at a little harbor. It is a pretty nice area but for some reason there really isn’t a lot of selection when it comes to food down at the harbor area – there is only an Italian restaurant and our last meal in Portugal is just not going to be an Italian meal. So we walk along the walls of the old town until we reach a gate. We head into the old town – it is a nice spot with many old building. The most interesting buildings are located around the main square in the town where you also find the cathedral of the town – unfortunately the cathedral seems to be closed for the public this time of the day so we can’t go inside and see what it looks like.

We find an interesting restaurant to have dinner – it is located in an old house in the center of the town. The house used to be an old artist place which made tiles. The former owners of the house had made their mark inside the house most of the walls were decorated with samples of the artwork making the restaurant a special place to eat while you could take in historic scenes from Portugal.

After dinner we walk out through a gate – and on the top of the gate is no less than four stork nest. The whole area of Algarve seems to be the home of thousands of white storks so it was good to have a last look at these beautiful creatures before we have to head to the airport and return the car.

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