The road to Damascus

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Leaving Palmyra there is options – always options. You can turn left and go for the adventure packed full on action holiday in Iraq or turn right and go for the cultural experience of Damascus. The choice sound pretty easy actions is good – nah I just turn right and go to Damascus.


Driving on the desert roads through Syrian really let you know this is not the most stable and peaceful part of the world. Several radar installations will greet you along the roads and you will se a few tanks in the distance now and again. Whenever these thing turns up it is time to hide away your camera so you don’t get into trouble with the Syrian authorities with accusations of espionage.

The other thing that tends to show up repeatedly through all of the desert in the middle of nowhere is giant posters with the portrait of the leader of the country president Bashar al-Asaad the man inherited the presidency from his farther not a poster model in democratic process.


Driving along the desert road enjoining the landscape – yes I love the desert something different from the perpetual rain in Denmark. Suddenly I see one little roadside cafe – it is called the Baghdad Cafe. Well that seems fair – after all this is the main road from Damascus to Baghdad. We drive past it and then a bit further down the road it is time to a quick toilet and refreshment stop – at yet another Baghdad Cafe – it must be a local chain kind of the Syrian version of Hard Rock Cafe.


We get in and get a cold drink – it’s really refreshing to get a cold drink considering the water in my bottle is better suited for making tea than drinking.

After a quick stop – I got a few photos again at it is of to Damascus.

This blog entry is originally written after a trip through Syria a decade ago. I reread it recently and remember the trip with joy. I decide to repost the blog entries with the hope peace will return to Syria and it will once again become the wonderful country it was during my visit.

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