Italian Cakes gone to Portugal

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Feeling hungry???? Or do you need power snack during your exploration???  Gelateria Vicentina is a good place to rest and recharge your energy.

We come across this little café on our exploration of the city.  The Place is clean with free parking right outside it is door.  The toilet is clean and smells disinfectant if you need to use it.

IMG_1644 (1024x768)
The Italian owner posing for us

The charming Italian owner greats and welcome us to his shop.  He assured us that this is an authentic Italian café and they make the cakes themselves. He looks after us well and he speaks good English compare to our non-existence Portuguese nor Italian languages.

IMG_1639 (1024x768)

What caught my eyes when I entered the shop was the mouthwatering cakes selection.  Oh boy…. I am in the dream land.   The cakes look really good.  The hard part is how to decide which cake I want to try.  There are so many and I want them all.  Alas….my tummy is too small to try all the cakes.  I wish they have a special mix cakes for people like me, who have a big eyes and want to try all.

IMG_1642 (1024x768)

Finally I settle with the “Tiramisu” and my Viking friend chooses the cake which looks like a chocolate cake but it was not.  I think it is called “Alfarod E Figo”, it was a special Portuguese cake.  I have a taste of that cake and I find that cake was slightly bland in taste, whereas the Tiramisu was really good.  If they put more brandy on it, I would be in heaven enjoying the dream and I will definitely forget the city exploration.  Luckily it was not.  The cake simple melted in my mouth and taste delicious.  My Viking friend was jealous with me and he devours half of my Tiramisu. Ops…a very hungry man…..

We did not try the Gelato, however I assume it would taste as good and authentic as Gelato in Italy.  yumm…… thinking about it… I want it now……..

The “pastilaria” –  rolls chocolate bread, which we take away taste delicious, very smooth and light in the mouth with plentiful of chocolate.  I wish I bought more of those.

The sitting arrangement outside the terrace was pretty good with fresh air from the wind and we can do people watching.  It was pretty relaxing afternoon and there are several shops along the street if you need your shopaholic fix.  We enjoyed our cakes but unfortunately time fly very fast and it is time to go for city exploration.  Ciao… Italian café, until next time when we come back to Portugal.

IMG_1643 (1024x768)
The name card of the shop if you want to visit


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