Orthodox Church in Wroclaw

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Just across the river from the old town towards the cathedral island you will pass a small church called Church of Saint Cyril and Methodius. The church is a beautiful old church which dates back to 1686 when it was dedicated to Saint Joseph. Unfortunately for Joseph his church burned down in 1791 and it had to be reconstructed.

Church from the outside

After the fire the church was rebuilt but this time around it was dedicated to Saint Anne instead. The church was located in Germany but there was a polish minority in the city and the church was a catholic church serving the Polish minority of the city.

During the Second World War the church was used to store about half a million valuable books form the nearby university. Unfortunately a huge battle took place towards the end of the war at the city of Breslau (the German name for the city of Wroclaw). During this battle most of the city was destroyed and the church was burned down with the book collection which were lost. After the war the church was rebuilt.

In 1970 the church was transferred from the Catholic community to the Orthodox community and the church was transformed. The transformation included painting all the walls in bright colours with paintings of important Christian scenes.

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