Gamla Stan – the old town of Stockholm

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The old town in Stockholm seems to be the place where all the tourists seem to end up at one time or another. It is indeed a nice place for a stroll around the old buildings in the old town.

In addition to the nice small streets you find a lot of different restaurants and café spread across Gamla Stan and you also find some of the biggest attractions in the city – including the Royal Castle and the most famous square Stortorget.

Not surprising we joined the countless tourist on several occasions and went for a wonder through the old town. There are a lot to look at in the small streets with the old houses and most of the old town is pedestrian only so it is easy to just stroll along the many streets and squares.

After we have wondered the many streets of the main island of Gamla Stan we go across an old bridge to another small island in the old town called Riddarholmen. It is a very nice little island with a lot of nice buildings. But much to our surprise there is hardly any tourist making the short walk across the bridge to this part of the old town. I think the rest of the tourist loose out and we can enjoy the little walk around the old houses and enjoy a great view of the city hall across the water on yet another of the many small islands in Stockholm.

City hall


    1. I am glad to take you back. I like photos which are not too crowded. I have some with more people on them but didn’t upload those photos. Riddarholmen was really quite and we were the only one there so the mosaic of photos from there is actually with all the other tourist on them 🙂

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      1. So many places to go and so little time and money. I guess it will be easier for us to go back to stockholm and explore compared to you.


      2. Sounds like great destinations. Went to Peru a couple of years ago going along the coast road. And Jordan 11 years ago – in July. Not the best idea it really isn’t a great destination for summer it was 40+ everyday.


      3. hmm I think July is actually off season in Jordan 🙂 people seem to have checked the weather forecast before booking the ticket. I forgot to check the summer temperatures before going.

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