The East Side Gallery

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The longest stretch of the Berlin Wall still standing is found a little outside the center of Berlin on Mühlenstrasse close to the Ostbahnhof.  This section used to be part of the inner wall on the eastern side of the wall which was part of the security zone the East German border guards had to make sure none of the citizen of the eastern part of the city could cross the wall to the freedom on the western side. Hence this part of the wall was out of reach of the people in the west and it was impossible for the people of West Berlin to put graffiti on the wall.

My god help me to survive this deadly love

Today this section of the inner wall has been transformed into one of the most famous pieces of street art in the world – and with a total length of 1,316 meters it is probably the biggest collection of street art anywhere on the planet.

The gallery was painted in 1990 just a year after the wall came tumbling down and it consists of a total of 105 paintings by various artists.

Unfortunately the location of the gallery – on the open street – has made it an easy victim of vandalism. And many of the paintings have been badly damaged. They have been restored at different times – so the condition of the paintings when you arrive will depend on when they have last been restored and how much resent vandalism has been taking place.


    1. Yeah it is sad you can’t have this unique art collection left in peacefull. But it is on a long oven street so I guess it is an easy target for vandalism.


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