Forum Romano – where the old Romans met

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The Forum Romano is located just below the Palatine Hill and it used to be the political centre of the Roman world. On the forum the decisions of the republic would be taken. It was also one of the most significant religious areas in Rome. Only little remains of the forums former glory – but the historical aura are surrounding this place. This might very well be the most significant place in the history of the world. At this area the decisions which would help create the Roman Empire would be taken – decisions which influence the world to this day. The language of Rome spread around Europe and are the origin of the Latin language spoken in France, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Romania and South and Central America.

Hence if you like to walk around a location and just imagine what has happened here – there are no better place to go than the Forum Romano.


The Forum Romano has been the centre of Roman politics for so long that the original buildings on the forum has been torn down centuries ago to make room for newer temples and buildings on the forum. Hence the present remains are far from the original buildings on the forum. Only very few constructions has survived more or less intact – the most notable is the Tiberius Arch which stands next to the remains of the Julian Basilica built by Caesar to honor his Julian family.  On the other side of the arch is the old Curia – the meeting hall of the Senate where the old Senators would meet and debate the situation of Rome.

The main road at the forum is the Via Sacra – all the main temples of the Roman era would be located next to this road. One of the things you can see in the beginning of the Via Sacra is the temple of the Vesitil Virgins who was selected when they were 6 to 10 and they tended the sacred fire of Rome for 30 years and before they could retire from their duties. They had a high status – in the Imperial era they ranked just after the Emperor himself.


On the side next to the Via Sacra you will find a couple of old temples of which some still remains. One of them is the biggest basilicas build in Rome for several centuries.

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